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Custom Vaughn Pro Sticks


Our custom (GITN spec) Vaughn Pro Sticks are designed to provide incredible light weight in a foam core construction and uses select material to give the stick an incredible responsive feel. The handle is constructed with an aircraft veneer handle. This transfers fine inputs though the body of the stick into the handle to allow a precise feel and response to the puck action. The handle gives a complete even flex throughout its length. This allows the goaltender to more easily get elevation on shots. The paddle is a foam core injection for light weight and features a top sloped grip area for more stick control. The paddle area is laminated with a special thin hard pre-formed laminate that is structurally bonded to the foam core. This hard core laminate provides more even flex, gives a hard shell for deflecting pucks and increases durability. The blade is laminated with carbon front and back reinforcement layers. The carbon blade is extremely light weight and provides a stiffer blade that is superior for shooting and gives a more solid deflection for pucks.